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Smart Feed ltd. is a provider of a software that supports farms and farmers in optimizing their animal nutrition programs for dairy cattle. 

The software was created in cooperation with experienced farmers, nutrition advisers and IT specialists and is a solution carefully tailored to fit the needs of modern cattle farming. mleczarstwa.

Freedom of choice

The main drawback of popular software is that in almost every case, it is affiliated with a big fodder production company, and implements only the products of this producer. Our software gathers all available data on commercial products, as well as allowing the user to add self-manufactured produce to the analysis

What do we do?

The main goal of Smart Feed is balancing and optimising of complete and complementary feeds, premixes, blended feeds and feed rations.

Experience and passion

Our team has been working with global leaders of feed production for over 20 years. Now we want to work with you. 

Nutirition advisory

Cattle feeding and fodder production are main manufacturing costs in milk production. They also heavily influence effectiveness, revenue and profitability of the output. Every even minimal drop in the cost of feeding can, in a relevant scale bring satisfying effects.

Why us?

Our software is a complex solution combining all the aspects of modern animal nutrition management. It allows users to create optimized feed rations, specifies the demand for specific types of fodder, taking into account their composition and cost of production.

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Increased milk production
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Lower cost of feeding
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Lower emission of methane

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The automatization of nutritional program development is the pivotal point in modern animal husbandry. Its’ main point is to optimize the composition of feed rations in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost of production. Implementation of the system is a way to quickly boost income and avoid problems, such as malnourishment or health issues of the cattle.

Smart Feed makes it easy to balance, optimize and adjust rations to the current inventory and preferences of the user. Additionally, the offered technology allows farmers to boost productivity and control the costs by rational usage of own resources.